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Thank You for visiting our site! My name is Madelyn Battle, Founder and CEO of Ladies In Waiting Ministries International Incorporated(LIWMI). It's exciting for me to get together with other women, and girls, who experience the same things as I do! I enjoy sharing with others who are looking for answers to life's questions - from personal issues to wonderful projects. I have found that we all have gifts inside of us just waiting to be discovered. I am here to help you discover these gifts and to address your fears.


When I was a little girl, my mother and my grandmother always entertained by hosting teas and family gatherings. As I watched them over the years, I noticed that these women helped others with life issues that only other women could understand. These gracious women also made opportunities to create family recipes and crafts (that later became heirlooms) during these family gatherings. People always left our home feeling refreshed and comforted. To this day, it is instilled in me to address the same issues as my ancestors. The Lord saw fit to use me to establish Ladies in Waiting Ministries International (LIWMI) to help women and girls discover or recapture their gifts and be themselves.


LIWMI's goal is to help meet the needs of the community and to foster hope. We focus on family housing assistance, job placement, entrepreneurship, toy drives for the community's children, among other areas of service. Through counseling and mentoring, we have seen many lives successfully change. Look out for further information out-lining testimonies and up-coming events. For those who would like to invest in lives, you are welcome to send your donations, specifying the area you would like to sponsor.


The Georgia Chapter meets once a month on the third Saturday of each month. Email us at for further information. Note: Ladies in Waiting Ministries International is based in Georgia and has chapters in Mississippi and Hawaii.  It is a growing Ministry of international proportions. Our mission is to reach the world and share the Good News.


Please check out our Ladies In Waiting Ministries International video below:


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Welcome to Ladies In Waiting Ministries International! Thank you for visiting our site. Please brows

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